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Individual Web Counseling for HSPs

Hello.  This practice specializes in working with the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) in growing self-esteem, creating better coping skills and health behaviors while improving your experience of life and living.

Web counseling makes taking care of your mental health easier. It saves time and eliminates traveling to-from the therapy office.  It saves money on gas. And it’s safe, because it’s done in your own home or office or place. From the comfort of your own private safe space you can take care of yourself.

Free Phone Consult

Looking for a good-fit? It's important to work with the right counselor and/or neurofeedback trainer for you. Call for 10-minute no-charge chat to explore & ask questions:  Schedule today

Crisis Emergency Numbers

Need help now, 24/7?

  • 911 or nearest emergency room or
  • 1-800-273-8255 (TALK) or 1-800-784-2433 (1-800-SUICIDE) or
  • Veterans: 1-800-273-8255 & Press 1 or Text: 838255 or TTY 1-800-799-4889  or
  • LGBT Youth Suicide: 1-866-4-U-TREVOR
  • 1-866-794-0021: Crisis Intervention Team, Oxford
  • 1-203-736-2601: Crisis Intervention Team, Oxford
  • CT Crisis Services Listing Link
  • 240-777-4000: Crisis Hotline, Montgomery County, MD
  • 800-422-0009: Maryland state-wide Crisis Hotline
  • 703-527-4077: DC-Metro Area
  • Virginia Suicide Hotlines Listing Link

One-size-therapy doesn’t fit all problems, especially the subtle nuanced challenges that a HSP can face when feeling overwhelmed. How you feel and what you experience as you face problems are specific to you as an HSP. Using web counseling, your holistic therapy should be individualized, too and cater to your needs and sensitive nervous system.  You’ll find an integrative approach that results in sessions tailored to your quiet healing as you journey to your next level of mental-health wellness.

Rediscover how to gently reduce distress and anxiety and improve your self-care through telehealth. Receive the compassionate care you need as a sensitive woman. Holistic therapy and web counseling options available:

  • Therapy for Anxiety
  • Stress Management & Stress-Counseling
  • Support for Life’s Transitions
  • Support for Sensory Processing Sensitivity
  • Holistic Counseling
  • CT: face-to-face holistic therapy

The web counseling used here is online mental health counseling that uses encrypted video in real-time for HSP adults interested in holistic therapy.*

Current technology is used to deliver confidential online psychotherapy using video conferencing that’s safe and HIPAA secure. And a specially trained licensed professional counselor and therapist who is a Board-Certified TeleMental Health Provider provides it.  Holistic therapy using web counseling can support you in healing your mind and body while helping you connect to what’s meaningful and to feel whole again.

*Chat, email and text counseling are not available.

What is web counseling?

Names, meanings and the tech behind it

Web counseling, online counseling, teletherapy and telemental health are labels of subcategories that refer to using via video, email and/or chat technology. These labels are used by licensed professional counselors, psychotherapists, psychiatrists and social workers who offer clinical services. Telemedicine is another subcategory which is provided by medical doctors. The main umbrella term for all of it is Telehealth.

The technology behind telehealth is changing all the time.  To ensure the public is safe, the federal government has set-up compliance guidelines that, when followed, gives the best protection to your private data being sent over the digital air space.  The guidelines are called HIPAA. You can find more info about it here.

Who does it work for?

It works for busy people.  People who work from home, who are stay at home parents, new mothers and more. It works for people who are unable to commute, travel or get around easily or at all. It works for people who live in remote places where quality mental health care may not be available.

Benefits and advantages

Time saving: it’s convenient to get to because the therapist comes to your home virtually
Affordable: It can be a more affordable option depending on where your therapist is.
It’s easy access: People like it because it gives access to persons who may not want to or be able to go to an in-person therapy session.

Disadvantages and hassles

Technology glitches: Yes, sometimes signals drop during live sessions, images freeze, delay in voice responses occur.  Lighting can be off resulting in poor visuals, too.
Not in-person: Some people don’t like to be in one location and having the therapist in another.
High expectations: imagining that web counseling is the answer to everything.
Technology changes: The telehealth field is experiencing growing pains. That also means there is room to grow. There are resources available to you if you’d like to learn more.  At a federal level, the infrastructure is being built up to provide stronger and system technology for the health field. You can learn more about that through the Telehealth Resource Centers across the U.S. at https://www.telehealthresourcecenter.org/.

The reality:  Face to face sessions are not perfect and so web counseling sessions aren’t either

Research about web counseling

The research is strong and promising.  While there are downsides like anything else there’s a good amount on the plus side.  Web counseling has been shown to be helpful for people who have specific conditions like Depression, anxiety, stress, panic disorder and more. Learn more here.

Web counseling for your mental health is convenient, affordable and easy.  Telehealth services have grown to include online counseling and online psychotherapy.

Online therapy is convenient.  Commitments to others and your schedule can make finding the time to take care of you challenging.  Sometimes, you even skip making that health appointment, or cancelling it because of your family member’s urgency or your work responsibilities. Sometimes, it’s just hard sometimes to squeeze in the appointments you need to take care of yourself. 

There is a convenience and ease when you can go to a health appointment from the comfort of your own home. This is where web counseling comes in.

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Lucrezia Mangione is the Clinical Director of Mind Body Well Therapy, Pllc. She is a board certified licensed professional counselor, board certified telemental health provider, neurofeedback trainer, counselor supervisor, educator, and nurse wellness education consultant. View her profile.

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