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Lucrezia Mangione on right side of photo providing Healing Touch to an adult woman.Lucrezia Mangione is far right in the photo

Hello. It is a privilege to help people make informed choices derived from their own insight through the 2 separate practices I have at Mind Body Well Therapy, PLLC, one offering holistic psychotherapy and counseling and the other offering wellness coaching and integrative health consulting. It has been a special honor to witness an individual take small steps that create big effects to support their mental health wellness, ease their life transitions and embrace their next level of health and wellness.

Clinical mental health counseling

Since 2012, I've been a counselor. I first began as a licensed graduate professional counselor or LGPC, then in 2014 as a licensed clinical professional counselor or LCPC.

I'm Board Certified as a Professional Counselor (NCC) and TeleMental Health Provider (BC-TMH). I have a telemental health practice serving adults in Connecticut, (CT) Maryland (MD) and Virginia (VA) where I'm licensed by those State Boards. I also have a private practice serving people in Connecticut where I see individuals face-to-face in-person for holistic psychotherapy and counseling as well as neurofeedback.

I am passionate about helping others reclaim inner strengths and resources for their empowerment and mind-body health. My style is person-centered, strengths based and uses a holistic approach. It's alert and attentive to you.

My private psychotherapy and counseling practice is focused on mental health, holistic therapy and counseling for adults and EEG neurofeedback therapy for adults and teens 16 years and older. I have a special interest in

  • stress management, stress therapy
  • brain & nervous system support
  • anxiety & mood
  • sensory processing sensitivity
  • life changes
  • well-care & resiliency
  • change process

I work collaboratively and confidentially with each person striving to assist that person or group in helping themselves to:

  • improve coping skills
  • increase resiliency
  • support better mental health
  • enhance the quality of their life and living

This said, there are certain services I don’t offer and conditions I’m unable to treat.  Please read my policy of services and conditions and scope of practice.

An Integrative approach to psychotherapy & counseling

My orientation is derived from my values.  I work holistically from a whole person perspective and a theoretical orientation that is person-centered, psychodynamic, and strengths-based using an integrative approach. As therapeutically warranted integrating cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), voice dialogue with integrative, complementary therapies such as Healing Touch*, Energy Psychology* and mindfulness contemplative practices. These are  techniques that are non-invasive. (*sometimes referred to as bioenergy healing therapy and biofield therapy).

As a counselor, I integrate holistic, dynamic psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and neurofeedback with integrative complementary therapies of Voice Dialogue, Healing Touch, Energy Psychology and mindfulness contemplative practices when therapeutically warranted.

As a neurofeedback trainer, I provide EEG neurofeedback, a form of biofeedback to support self-regulation, stress relief and help the brain function more efficiently. Learn more about neurofeedback here.

Wellness coaching

Why am I a wellness coach, too? Before I became a counselor, I worked in the health and wellness field as a massage therapist specializing in Shiatsu and as a Healing Touch practitioner (HTP) and instructor (HTI). Since 1995 I've been in private practice. (These days, I no longer provide Shiatsu as a service.)

My wellness training began in 1988 when I first learned how to meditate. I was hooked back then and haven't stopped. Since then I've been training in and mastering mind and body practices, mindfulness practices, energy-based methods for physical discomfort and stress relief. I have used them for my own self-care and have incorporated them into my work.

In my wellness coaching practice, I work with clients in a number of areas including, energy balancing for health and well-being, intuitive assessments, stress management, and life transitions. I am certified in a number of innovative energy-based coaching and self-help methods that are designed to restore the balance of energy within the body, mind, and spirit of the client. Please be advised I do not diagnose, treat, or manage psychological disorders in my coaching practice and only provide services as an Wellness Coach and Integrative Health Consultant.

As a wellness coach, I integrate complementary methods such as Healing Touch and energy-based coaching and self-help methods intended to support a person’s health and wellness goals. Since 2010, I have been training nurses at Inova Healthcare Systems in Virginia in Healing Beyond Borders’ Healing Touch Certificate Program. I've served as a sub-investigator in pilot studies involving the use of Healing Touch in an acute care multi-hospital setting and currently serve as a research consultant providing content expertise for additional studies regarding the efficacy of Healing Touch.

Free Phone Consult

Looking for a good-fit? It's important to work with the right counselor and/or neurofeedback trainer for you. Call for 10-minute no-charge chat to explore & ask questions:  Schedule today

Crisis Emergency Numbers

Need help now, 24/7?

  • 911 or nearest emergency room or
  • 1-800-273-8255 (TALK) or 1-800-784-2433 (1-800-SUICIDE) or
  • Veterans: 1-800-273-8255 & Press 1 or Text: 838255 or TTY 1-800-799-4889  or
  • LGBT Youth Suicide: 1-866-4-U-TREVOR
  • 1-866-794-0021: Crisis Intervention Team, Oxford
  • 1-203-736-2601: Crisis Intervention Team, Oxford
  • CT Crisis Services Listing Link
  • 240-777-4000: Crisis Hotline, Montgomery County, MD
  • 800-422-0009: Maryland state-wide Crisis Hotline
  • 703-527-4077: DC-Metro Area
  • Virginia Suicide Hotlines Listing Link

My philosophy and values by Lucrezia Mangione

My philosophy is based on holism and resiliency. The values that guide me are Compassion, Caring, Collaboration, and Connection – the 4C’s of the caring-healing relationship. We are a team centered in compassionate care to help you help yourself in facing challenges and discovering your strengths in order to transform your pain, become empowered and cultivate your next level of health and well being, whatever that may be for you.

I feel the keys to your best health are within you, powered by the combined wisdom of your heart and mind. In this way, I'm a guide helping you to reconnect, to grow self-trust and integrate your inner mind-body connection and heart's wisdom into your daily life to address your personal mental health goals.

To your best health,
Lucrezia Mangione, LPC, LCPC, NCC, BC-TMH, DCEP, CMT, CHTP/I & Approved Counselor Supervisor

Experience of Lucrezia Mangione

A smiling Lucrezia M., the mind-body therapist on right.


  • EEG Neurofeedback
  • Psychotherapy and counseling
  • Clinical counselor supervision
  • Wellness coaching
  • Consultant services
  • Wellness trainings
  • Presentations
  • Healing Touch (HT) classes
  • Mentor to HT practitioner apprentices
  • Pro bono licensed counselor (LCPC) or HT provider for community people in need

Offering the above in various settings such as:

  • hospitals
  • educational settings
  • other private practice settings
  • Lucrezia's private practice in Oxford, CT and via synchronous real-time video in CT, MD and VA.

Past and current clients include:

  • Inova Healthcare System in Northern Virginia
  • Sibley Memorial Hospital, Washington, DC
  • Lehigh Valley Hospital in Pennsylvania
  • University of Vermont
  • Expressive Therapy Center in Rockville, MD
  • Potomac Massage Therapy Institute in Silver Spring, MD
  • Integrated Healthcare Policy Consortium in Colorado

Volunteer work includes serving as a:

  • Member of The Research Committee of Healing Beyond Borders, Certifying and Educating the Healing Touch provide
  • Mentor for Healing Touch practitioner apprentices who seek certification in Healing Touch
  • Pro bono Licensed Counselor or Healing Touch provider for community people in need

Current professional memberships with:

  • American Counseling Association
  • Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology
  • GoodTherapy
  • Healing Touch International, Inc. d/b/a Healing Beyond Borders, Certifying and Educating the Healing Touch (Charter member)

Thank you for taking the time to read this,

Lucrezia Mangione, LPC, LCPC, NCC, BC-TMH, DCEP, CMT, CHTP/I & Approved Counselor Supervisor

About this website

Please read both my website disclaimers regarding the informational purpose of this website using the navbar.

This website serves as an informational place to learn about my work and services. It is not intended as a substitute for medical or psychological advice and/or treatment. A consultation with a physician and/or other licensed healthcare professional is necessary before deciding upon any health related change especially if you have any medical or psychological problem or condition. Mind Body Well Therapy, PLLC does not accept any responsibility for any harm or loss, which may arise from reliance on information contained on this site.  If you apply any of the information on this site, you are agreeing to take full responsibility for the outcome of your actions.

This website is dedicated to the benefit of each and every person who comes to Mind Body Well Therapy. I’ve learned much from them:

  • Anger, sadness, joy and ease, these gorgeous emotions, are universal yet each person’s story and experience of them is profoundly unique.
  • True courage exists.  Witnessing person after person move through fear into the light of insight, awareness and deep healing is a gift beyond words.

Thank you.
In Wellness,
Lucrezia Mangione, LCPC, NCC, DCEP, CMT, CHTP/I & Approved Counselor Supervisor

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Lucrezia Mangione is in private practice. She is a board certified licensed professional counselor, board certified telemental health provider, neurofeedback trainer, counselor supervisor, educator, and nurse wellness education consultant. View her profile.

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Holistic Therapy for Mind, Body, Spirit Healing serving Connecticut CT: Naugatuck Valley, Southbury, Middlebury, Thomaston, Waterbury, Watertown, Woodbury, Seymour, Ansonia, Derby, Shelton, New Haven County & Litchfield County; Northern Virginia NoVa: Fairfax and Loudoun County areas & Maryland: Silver Spring, Gaithersburg, Rockville, MoCo & Frederick County areas.

Lucrezia Mangione, LPC, LCPC, NCC, BC-TMH. Licensed by the CT Dept. of Public Health, VA Board of Professional Counselors & MD Board of Professional Counselors & Therapists, Board Certified as a Counselor by the National Board for Certified Counselors, Board Certified as a TeleMental Health Provider by the Center for Credentialing Excellence & EEG Neurofeedback Trainer trained at the Institute for Applied Neuroscience.

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