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HSP Highly Sensitive Person page updated 1-30-2023 by Lucrezia Mangione, LCPC, NCC, BC-TMH, DCEP

Dear Highly Sensitive Person,

As an HSP, you may often feel like there’s not enough space for you to express and communicate what’s going on. You may be cautious about sharing because you have had some experiences where people don’t have the time to listen.

As an HSP, you live in a world that values doing and thinking over being and feeling. It just happens to be that you can do both.  You get you are not a talking head but rather a communicating human being. You need time when speaking and expressing yourself from your rich inner world of sensing things while creatively using your insights to support the work you do in the world and for others.

Holistic therapy and neurofeedback can provide an opportunity for you to remember how to reconnect to yourself and return to a place where you feel calm, centered and anchored.

You feel, notice and reflect on things deeply

Our world and your life constantly change. How you respond can come with emotional ups and downs that are intense. As an HSP highly sensitive person you may:

  • notice more than others
  • feel and reflect on things deeply
  • be more naturally empathetic
  • be attuned to your surroundings like the lights, sounds, the space of a room and the people and pets present
  • be aware of the commitments you have to your co-workers, friends and family and it's very important you follow-through with them thoroughly

This makes you a creative and productive, thoughtful and attentive person.

A deep relaxing breath is good. Holistic therapy at Handcrafted Health

You want to feel centered & balanced

You want to feel in sync with yourself and anchored into the here and now. Even so you can get overwhelmed sometimes. You may feel sand-blasted, fatigued and/or mentally tired. Just to cope, sometimes you may binge watch or emotionally eat or over-exercise or more.  You're still aware that you feel down, anxious or you keep thinking about your thinking.  There are moments you feel misunderstood or unheard or you just need a little more time to share and you feel like you're different.

It can be exhausting being a highly sensitive person sometimes.

Sensitive holistic therapy & the HSP highly sensitive person

Free Phone Consult

Looking for a good-fit? It's important to work with the right counselor and/or neurofeedback trainer for you. Call for 10-minute no-charge chat to explore & ask questions:  Schedule today

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Finding a place where you can explore what’s going on that keeps you from the people and things you yearn for means finding a good-fit counselor and a healing space where you feel safe.  It also means being with a counselor and mind-body therapist who is patient to your detailed sharing.

Experiencing a mind-body therapist who’s holistic can potentially help you identify patterns of overwhelm which can help you begin to grow more feelings of calm, peace and self-nurturance. Holistic therapy can help on your personal journey of self-exploration, self-worth and remembering more of who you truly are.  Holistic counseling therapy may help you gently face what’s unpleasant and limiting so you may shift into your next level of health and re-balance. Does this sound like a potential step in the right direction?

Combining holistic therapy with neurofeedback generally helps most people with attaining their goals more efficiently. That's becuase neurofeedback helps your nervous system to return to balance, ease and calm. Most people who combine neurofeedbackwith holistic therapy tend to notice improved energy, focus and mood.  And sometimes, better sleep, too.

If you’d like to connect with a holistic counselor and mind-body therapist who feels being highly sensitive is a superpower, contact me for a no-charge 15 minute call.  I can answer your questions directly. You may also email me and ask for my rates. If you like, we can talk logistics and pave a way for you to receive the holistic counseling you seek.

My goal is you and your goals. In working with you collaboratively and in-depth, I strive to help you work towards realizing them efficiently. Through the use of counseling tools, neurofeedback, privacy, empathy, and practical support you can explore, heal and move on in your life.  Ready to re-value yourself and handcraft your health? Let me know.

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Lucrezia Mangione works with anxious, highly sensitive adults. She is a board certified licensed professional counselor, board certified telemental health provider, neurofeedback trainer, and approved counselor supervisor. She is the owner of Mind Body Well Therapy, Pllc.

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